December 25, 2003

A Note on Capitalization

Just because I seem to be having trouble with this, and I think that readers may as well. I have spent some time doing computer programming, and the nomenclature that we used at our organization was humpback notation, which means that variables, functions, etc. are all named by cramming all of the words that you would use to describe the thing into one word without spaces, then explaining what it does, then capitalizing the first letter of what used to be each word. For example a function that returns 80% of the value that you put in would be called something like "fcnReturn80Percent(iValue)".

I've just noticed that I've been struggling to avoid capitalizing like this, and if I mess up, then you know why (aside from being able to stand on a hilltop and scream that I'm an idiot, that is). Now you know why I might end up OverCapitalizingWeirdCrap.


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