January 04, 2004

Just Shut Up Already

I'm pretty much over the Right Wing deciding that any movie, TV show, or CD that they like is keepin' it real for conservatives. I've seen more than one thread on Free Republic that talks about how the guys from South Park, or Eminem or the Lord of The Rings, etc must drive liberals nuts because it so obviously echoes conservative values.

Liberals like it (or dislike it) at probably about the rate of conservatives. Trey and Matt, Peter Jackson, Eminem and the corporate conglomerates that publish their work are interested in lots and lots of money. The artists are worried about lots and lots of money. They want to get something out that will get them attention and make them, you guessed it, lots and lots of money. Don't take it like it's a sign from the heavens when you agree with something that was designed for mass consumption. I don't think I'm politically aligned with the board of directors at the Coca Cola company, just because I happen to think they create a tasty beverage.


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