February 24, 2004

Gee, Did Bush Say Something Today?

The Libertarian/Centrist Republican/Hawk wing of the blogosphere is feeling pretty disillusioned by today's news (Lots of Posts, so just start at the top).

While I share their distaste for Bush coming out for the FMA, I can't share the outrage. Did anyone really believe that he would sit this one out? Look, Bush did a great job for the first two years of his administration keeping the party in line, and keeping moderates and the base fairly happy. But lately, the faith in him has been more reserved, or downright suspicious.

Look at Ron Suskind's book, the less than stellar SOTU address, a less than stellar employment rate, and the endless rancor over boobygate, and you see a pattern of conservative restlessness from all over the spectrum in regards to GWB.

He knew that his list of accomplishments weren't going to cut it, and he knew that people we're starting to grow a little cynical about "Tax Cuts, 9/11, Patriot-Act" as a visionary plan.

His only solution was to appeal to the base in a way that they would rally. He can't pretend fiscal discipline, so he goes for the gay issue. He knows that he'll piss people off, but he knows that it's divisive enough for Democrats to trip over for fear of losing the Soccer Mom/NASCAR Dad vote. He can throw the FMA out there and immediately appeal to the base, and he can use the judicial activism canard to hopefully score points with the more moderate types, many of whom think that gay sex is a little "icky", anyway.

Besides, a good number of the former Bush supporters will get over this by November and decide to hold their noses and vote for the man. John Kerry will get painted as the man who would like to see us killed by terrorists, while Bush will get portrayed as the only man who can protect us from certain death.

If the Democrats are stupid, they'll attack this as a civil rights issue (which it is, the problem is that way too many people don't believe it yet). They should tie this in with Roy Moore, and Bush's spending and the Patriot Act and TIA as over reaching, irresponsible nanny-state politics. Luckily, it's that as well.

For anyone who still wants to hold his or her nose and vote for Bush on the terror issue, pay attention to how far down the Liberty/Security axis you are willing to travel.


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