March 03, 2004

"Ashcroft has denied any antipathy toward calico cats"

Via Amanda Butler, I see that the latest issue of Vanity Fair has a profile of John Ashcroft. It's reasons such as this that keep me from wanting another four years of the Bush administration. Between the general creepiness of the Ashcrofts and Lotts of this world, the Luddite policy decisions and the truly Orwellian policy decisions they make, the question "at what cost?" Must be asked.

We are on a dangerous path here. The current argument from the right is that only the Bush Administration can keep us safe, because John Kerry would be spooning bin Laden or some such.

Even if we are willing to concede that the Republicans would better handle the war on terror, we have to wonder what concessions we can keep making because we are at "war". I for one have no interest in living in a really really safe totalitarian state, thank you very much.


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