January 06, 2004

The Problem

It's late at night, and god knows I shouldn't be trying to rationalize anything at this point. That being said, let me proceed to do so anyway. For all the talk of Bush-hatred and the other abominations of the left, let me say that as someone who wishes himself to be libertarian, but can't quite make the plunge: the right can fuck straight off. Adam Yoshida, Misha, and the freeper brigade regularly wish to eliminate the left entirely. BAD FUCKING IDEA. Ultimately, gridlock is a good thing. The right, unbeholden is as dangerous as the left would be. For the most part, government gridlock is a good thing, as it prevents the extremist agendas from gaining too much traction. Too bad so many partisans can't see that, and too bad that so many of said partisans are on the right. Paul Krugman is a shrill, shrill man though. Go figure.


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