April 03, 2004

Why We Fight

Via the commenters at Calpund^H^H^H^Political Animal I found a link to a pretty damning report on the influence of the religious right outside of the Boobygate/Creationism sphere.

This article ties a lot of things up in a tidy little bow, and as much as I'd like my own personal biases to be right, I have to think that this is almost too damn convenient. I've seen most of this information before, as far as Straussian thought, and the desires of Robertson and the religious right. I've just never seen them thrown together like this. At first glance, it seems to really make sense, and I'm sure that there is some truth behind all of this.

I'm just sort of thinking that the truth is akin to the truthful part of Bill Clinton killing Vince Foster, i.e. Bill Clinton knew Vince Foster, Bill Clinton was ambitious, Vince Foster died, thus Vince Foster was killed because of Clinton's ambition.

It didn't follow then, and I'm not sure that it follows now. I think that there's some danger in taking this article at face value. I'll accept the characterizations of the evangelists (I remember Fundamentally Oral Bill), and I can even allow the characterization of Justice Scalia, but I cant see the Wolfowitzes and Perles of the world lining up behind this mode of thinking, neocon/Straussian or not.

My reasoning, such as it is, it's fairly simplistic. Even adopting Machiavellian model, you are talking about Jewish people putting themselves in complete league with the enemy. Yes I realize that people align themselves with the enemy of my enemy all the time. In situations like this however, where you have idealist neocons putting themselves in league with the Left Behind crowd, it's like a fireman giving gasoline cans to a pyro who swears that he doesn't feel like lighting fires. Right now, at least.

Of course, if this is all factually correct, I have a bit of egg on my face. If not, there is still a very real movement to destroy America as we know it. The right likes to frame this behind secular humanism and International ANSWER and such witticisms as the phrase "(c)rap music", but in truth there's a massive force from the right that would have us living in a theocracy no less harsh than those in the middle east, it's just couched behind Jesus, who we all understand and who roughly 90% of us believe in, rather than Mohammed, who we fear and don't understand for a multitude of reasons.


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