June 13, 2004

Watering hotline?

It's news like this that makes me happy, in that I realize we are closer to monkeys than we typically acknowledge. It also makes me sad because we don't understand how dumb we are. Witness:
Given the ongoing drought, I think it would be great if the News
published a map of the metro area with all
of the water districts and the contract information to report abuse.
I often see midday water users
sending streams of water down the gutters, but have no idea how to report it.

Mike Lorang


Here's an idea. Do Your Own Fucking Dirty Work. If it happens in your neighborhood, call whoever sends you the water bill. If not, find a friend(or the local goverment office) to explain how their water system works. It's not going to be all that complicated.

Next, people like Mike Lorang will force all of our kids to wear Bike Helmets. Oh, wait....


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