January 20, 2004

More Campaign Coverage

After I'd already published the previous post. I realized that talking to candidates campaign managers must be one of the most boring things on the planet.

Of course Clark's campaign is going to say that they feel confident regardless of any resurgence in the Kerry campaign. What are they supposed to say?

"Well Wolf, of course we're worried that both the Kerry and Edwards campaigns are showing signs of life. Couple that with the fact that we're running against the former governor of Vermont and a senator from Massachusetts in NEW FREAKIN ENGLAND no less! We're really praying that Maureen Dowd has a bad experience with a bottle of ketchup in the next few days."

Also I just saw that Gephardt had Michael Bolton as entertainment at his campaign headquarters. For that alone he should have been forced out of the race and quite possibly forced to stump for the eventual nominee in Point Barrow, Alaska during the entire month of October.


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