January 19, 2004

Oh Iowa, Our Home and Native.....

The results are in. (Link via Daniel Drezner, by way of Atrios) I really don't have much to say at this point because well, it doesn't as a whole mean all that much.

Some friends of mine who are John Edwards fans were very happy (as they should be), but I cautioned them to remember that John McCain won the Iowa Caucus in 2000. There's still New Hampshire and South Carolina to go before awe can really even speculate on who the Democratic will be.

I do wonder if, in what is likely Gephardt's final presidential campaign, that he is at least a little humiliated that he could only outlast Carol Moseley Braun, but on the upside, his departure has guaranteed the eventual nominee the highly coveted Matthew Yglesias vote.

Also, Josh Marshall reports that Clark HQ isn't really worried about any momentum that Kerry has built.


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